Our hotel is ideally located in front of the beach of the picturesque village Sfakaki located 9 km east of Rethymno.  There is a wide sandy beach (with a few pebbles) that is famous for the fact it is being chosen from the Sea turtle Caretta Caretta, which is an endangered species, for its reproduction.  The beach is ideal for sunbathing, swimming and summer sports. During the day our guests can enjoy a wide range of options, including restaurants, cafes and small bars.

Sfakaki is special specifically for its sandy beach and the marvelous sea but for another reason too: the proximity to the highway, making it easy to travel almost anywhere in Crete. Sfakaki has in recent years evolved into a very popular residential area as it combines all the features that make an ideal place for both vacations and permanent accommodation. It is only 10 minutes’ drive away from the city of Rethymno and 45 minutes from the International Airport of Heraklion.

In the heart of Arkadi municipality

9 km east of Rethymno, in the heart of the municipality of Arkadi and Sfakaki village, turn right on the road to Pagalochori.  The church that is located to the right is devoted to the Virgin Mary Euagelistria, She gives us Her blessings as we continue south and uphill.  The combination of wild herbs, oregano, oleander, yew and the tall eucalyptus trees, create an atmosphere full of intoxicating aromas.  As we continue to the left we meet Arsani Monastery.  Moving south we realize that we are located to the largest olive grove of the Eastern Europe, since our visual field, as we ascend, offers a panoramic view from Lefka Ori of Chania up to Psiloritis.  On our left, on the opposite hill, we notice the beautifully renovated Venetian houses of the settlement Hamalevri