Monuments and History

When you decide to visit Crete the first thing to do is to read its history. And even if you won’t, you will certainly have heard of the myths that loom in this diverse place.

The feature that you surely acquire when you get in touch with the place, is that of the discoverer.  You want to discover everything and make everything one with your breath, embody the place and the myths and keep everything as a talisman.  Sometimes it is easy, some other times you identify yourself, want it or not, as Hercules. Which path will you choose? Virtue or Malice? It is a fact that you will always choose the path leading to your heart and the heart is never wrong. You have seen a lot, and all have moved you the same way. But the path to discovery, has to be chosen by your heart.

As did all, from ancient times, who drew their way to get along in life with dignity. A road linking lives that toiled, lives fought for freedom, lives inspired and prospered in a landscape of unparalleled beauty.